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Michael G. Pond, Attorney at Law

When it comes to finances, decisions are tough
Though that’s not the case when you need a bankruptcy attorney! Choose Michael G. Pond for representation in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts or for civil lawsuits against finance companies, banks, mortgage companies and other lenders.

Evaluate all your options
With almost 20 years of experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy, Michael is well-versed in the fine points of credit, collections, and bankruptcy, so you can work to keep your home, your vehicle, even your savings.

Afraid you can’t afford representation?
Don’t worry – your initial consultation is FREE! Plus you can ask about your potential fees and payment options upfront, and we’ll outline your possible expenses. It’s our policy to be open and honest with you from the very start.

Find the freedom you need:

Call Michael G. Pond, Attorney At Law at 601-948-4878 to find out whether your financial situation calls for action and together we’ll determine the right option for you at your FREE initial consultation!

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